And the sun is shining on the hills, on the hills
Where once the cold and bitter frost it froze all life away
And I feel Your Spirit coming close, coming close
And it warms this aching body, and fills me through and through
Oh, I need You
Lord, I want You
Lord, I open my heart to You

Oh Jesus won’t You stay with me, stay with me
I long to have You closer still, and feel You by my side
These empty dreams that we chase for, what are they for
I long for us to know our Fathers waiting, waiting for us
Oh, I need You
Lord, I want You
Lord, I open my heart to You

I sing for joy, that You are in my life
And Your love it covers me
And I feel, the rushing of Your life
As Your river it flows all over me again

Lord come close, I need You now
These bitter chords that hold me tight
I let them go to You

There’s a calling
There’s a Saviour coming
And these gates are open wide

It flows all over me
It’s falling, falling down all over me
7.8.10 15:38

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